Manufacturing Options

With so many manufacturing options at its disposal, Casper Company presents customers with endless possibilities for new beauty tool products.


Hot stamp, labeling and paper wrapping, in-mold labeling, anodizing, pad print, water transfer, heat transfer, spray, soft touch, laser engraving/etching, acid etching, shrink wrap, color-dipped ends, flexo, gloss, satin or matte overcoat, off-set, painted, stained, natural, silkscreen, emboss, deboss, anodize


PE (low-, medium- or high-density), PP, PET, PETE, PETG, PVC, metal, plastic, recycled wood, wood, molded acrylic, cork


Flocked doe foot, TPR paddle, nylon brush, silicone, custom or stock shaped wire brushes, custom curved, molded, comb, rod, aluminum, brass


Threaded, flip top dispensing, twist off, foil safety seal


Snap closure, push button, living hinge, magnetic

Brush Hair

Synthetic, goat, squirrel, pony, mixed hairs, natural or dyed, styles/cuts (domed, flat, angled, feathered)


CNC system, drilling, tapping, welding, engraving machines


Clamshell pack, blister pack, shrink wrap, skin pack


In-mold embossing or debossing, bi-injection, pearlized colorants, added decorative stones and plaques, added weight, metal shell, safety seal, electronic coating direct printing on nail files, LED