Inside the Factory

Casper Company is the source for world-class product development with uncompromising quality control from concept to completion.

Product Design and Sampling

We begin our manufacturing process with you – the customer. During the product development stage, we work closely with the manufacturer to design and develop new products or extensions to current lines. The collaboration is an important milestone in the development cycle, helping us define a clear plan for the entire project.

Based on our decade of experience in the industry, we often work directly with our customers during this phase to create new product ideas.  The concept may come from Casper Company or our customer, or through collaborative brainstorming sessions. No matter the source of the idea, we truly stay involved every step of the way.

Combining our engineering talent with our technology, we have the capability to make your vision a reality. With an Internal Development Team, on-staff draftsman, and custom tooling capabilities, the designs evolve quickly.  Our staff in Korea begins the process by using CAD for standard 2D drawings.  Our customers can expect a 24-48 hour turnaround time of these drawings.  Customers can access our FTP site for quick file downloads and approvals.

From there, we bring the product idea to life courtesy of our SLA 3D printer. The advanced technology allows us to create complex molds for sampling and production on-site.  Once produced, samples are shipped to the customer for review and approval.


After all designs and samples have been approved, we begin manufacturing at our locations in Asia.  Each Casper Asia location is managed by a trilingual staff of team members. They assure that, throughout the process, we maintain daily interaction with our customers to give them real-time, 24-hour involvement.

Our facilities have similar capabilities and often work together to take over particular points of the manufacturing process, assuring a smooth process from beginning to end.

  • At Dongguan, China, we mold the products and create all the pieces that will be assembled together. Quality control checks take place as early as in this phase of production.
  • We assemble and finish the products on-site or in our Jiaozhou, China facility.  Additional quality control checks occur at this point.
  • At our Seoul, Korea facility, we print all nail file products, based on our patented process. However, the production of most items, including the cutting and assembly of the nail files, takes place at the Jiaozhou, China site.

Quality Control

Before the products reach our clients, they must pass Casper Company’s meticulous quality control process. Clients have trusted in us for almost forty years because of our above-standard levels of product quality.

We dual test all products on the factory floor through our high AQL standards. We also review and test the product at our U.S. Headquarters in Wilton, CT.  Once a product passes both inspections, we ship it direct to our client’s warehouse.