Where We Operate

Casper Company prides itself on being a truly global company through the strong partnership we have with our Casper Asia subsidiaries in Korea and China. Our trilingual staff is fluent in English, Chinese and Korean. Each location works hand in hand to ensure the quality, innovation and timeliness of the products we manufacture for our customers.

U.S.A. (U.S.A.) - Corporate Headquarters

Johanna Bodner-Salvino - Chief Executive Officer
Don Salvino - Managing Partner

Wilton, CT, U.S.A. – home to Casper Company’s Corporate Headquarters – is where everything begins.  Preliminary steps, such as contract negotiation and product brainstorming, are handled through our U.S.A. team.  All customer interactions are handled through this location, including the review and shipment of product samples that arrive from Asia.  Our staff in Wilton keeps our clients updated throughout every step of product development and manufacturing, while keeping an open dialogue with our partners in Asia to make sure products are shipped and delivered on time.

CASPER ASIA - Korea (Seoul)

Joseph Lee

Casper Company’s location in Korea is the hub for Casper’s product design phase. Here, Casper Korea creates 2D CAD renderings as well as utilizes SLA 3D printing technology to create product models and samples for review and approval.  Further, the facility at Korea applies Casper’s patented techniques to print all nail files, emery boards and shapers.  A quality control team evaluates all products created here before they are shipped direct to client warehouses. Additionally, packaging can be printed at the Korean facility, allowing for products to ship ready for sale at retailer locations.

CASPER ASIA - China (Dongguan)

Thomas Lee

At Dongguan, China, manufacturing engineers handle most of the manufacturing and packing needs for customers’ newly created products.  With both a factory and office at this site, Dongguan also feature a full assembly line with trained, full-time personnel handling the final stage of the manufacturing process.  Unique to the Dongguan location are a mold shop and nail buffer facility.  As with all locations, tri-lingual staff members make sure that the production process runs smoothly before quality control runs its dual-phase inspection.  Products are shipped direct from this location to our clients’ warehouses as soon as they meet Casper Company’s precise standards.

CASPER ASIA - China (Jiaozhou)

Jay Lee

Unlike the other facilities, the factory in Jiaozhou, China,is responsible for the cutting and assembly of all of Casper Company’s nail file products.  Creation of custom packaging, such as chip and blister packaging, boxes, insert cards and chip boxes, occurs on site, as well.  Our tri-lingual staff members watch over production and an on-site quality control team ensures Casper Company’s meticulous standards are met.  After production, the company’s Jiaozhou, China location can ship direct to customers’ warehouses.