Creating Products for New and Established Brands

Casper Company values the relationships we have with our clients - from Consumer Packaged Goods to Private Label companies.

Our Consumer Packaged Goods and Private Label clients stay involved throughout the creation process.  By putting our industry expertise and ideas together with our clients’ in-house teams, we create beauty tools that make their brands shine.

We collaborate with our consumer packaged goods clients throughout the manufacturing process.  We bring ideas to them, field their concepts, or work as a team to develop new products together. No matter the starting point, we maintain our client’s trust to produce beauty tools that they will be proud to call their own.

Private-label companies from wholesalers to manufacturers also reach out to us to launch new beauty tool brands or create brand extensions.  Because of our wide-ranging product expertise, these customers have confidence in our history of innovation and quality.  They know that we are the best partner to have when building market-ready brands that meet or exceed consumer expectations.

Ultimately, our clients – including some of the beauty industry’s top manufacturers – rely on Casper Company for world-class product development as the source for their beauty tool needs.