The Source for World-Class Product Development

Working in tandem with our clients, we are constantly creating the beauty industry’s next innovation.

Casper Company continuously sets itself apart from other beauty tool manufacturers through its track record with innovation. As an industry trendsetter, we are always thinking of new product ideas that set our customers apart in the market.  And, because of the close relationship we have with our clients, we also field new ideas or collaborate with them to evolve the next market-changing idea.

Making ideas into reality requires tools that, in the engineering world, can be considered innovative themselves. We take advantage of a manufacturing tool called a SLA 3D printer, which we use to create molds, samples, and ultimately the finished product.

The SLA printing process requires light instead of heat to produce high-resolution models. With SLA, we have the advantage of developing extremely precise and highly complex molds – even with translucent materials.  Ultimately, the technology’s revolutionary features allow Casper to build products that were once considered impossible.

The top names in the industry can rely on Casper Company for ingenuity.  Some examples of our groundbreaking beauty tools include false eyelashes decked in rhinestones and individual wax heaters for home use.

The possibilities are nearly endless.